October 23, 2017

Keep the Whole Family Safe During Disasters

Every year we hear concerns about “an active hurricane season” or “perfect” conditions for wildfires.  These natural disasters can devastate families, including our pets.  But, legislation, along with a national campaign to proactively prepare for disasters, has not only provided needed relief and comfort, it’s helped keep families together! No … [Read More...]

Hybrid Breeds – Designer Dogs Or Disaster in the Making?

They are all the rage across the United States and beyond.   Cross-breed dogs such as cock-a-poos have been around for many years, while newer crosses, such as labradoodles and puggles keep rising in popularity.  So, are these dogs a new “hot” breed or just a designer mutt? Some historians and dog enthusiasts have traced certain breeds of dogs … [Read More...]

Top Summertime Tips for Pet Safety

Summertime!  Finally, your chance to relax and unwind!  With your sunblock, sunglasses and a good book, you plan to enjoy the day at the pool! Suddenly, you remember your dog is in the yard – unsupervised …surely he will be okay for a couple hours.  Or will he? Summer temperatures might be great for tan lines and boating trips, but the excessive … [Read More...]

Lyme Disease Takes Flight!

Everyone knows that ticks, those creepy spider cousins, have the potential for carrying some pretty serious diseases to our pets.  But, what’s less well known is that these blood thirsty parasites may be arriving in your backyard after traveling by air! Robins and many other songbirds are often the heralds of springtime and warmer weather just … [Read More...]

Holistic Veterinary Medicine…Helpful Treatments or Terrible Hoax?

For many pet owners, the mention of holistic medicine conjures up images of incense-filled rooms with baskets of herbs and a multitude of candles.  But, increasing numbers of pet owners actually seek out veterinarians who incorporate alternative or complementary therapies in their practice.  Is there science to support their beliefs? In our … [Read More...]