September 24, 2017

Daily Herald: OUR TOWNS Monday Close-Up

Daily Herald  Monday Close-Up 1.15

“I know, baby. It might hurt a little. I’m sorry. It’s for your own good. Don’t worry, baby. It will be over in a second. There you go. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

That is what you’ll hear coming from one of Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson’s patient rooms. She isn’t treating infants. She doesn’t even work on humans.

Dobson treats pets. Sure, she’ll neuter Spike the Spaniel or de-worm Suzy the Siamese, but Dr. Dobson does so much more than basic treatments on dogs and cats.

People might not fear hospital visits so much if they were pampered the way the animals are at Riverwoods Pet Hospital.

“Veterinary medicine for me is a great hobby. I love what I do. I have passion for the animals.”

If it is dental care that your guinea pig needs, Dobson has it covered. Don’t worry if your hedgehog has mites. Maybe you found a wounded bald eagle in your backyard. That’s nothing new to her. Does your chinchilla have hearing problems? Dobson has seen it before. Her list of services goes on: laser surgery, radiology, day care and boarding, even acupuncture.

The Riverwoods Pet Hospital, located at 3820 N. University Ave. in Provo, has the same feel as any other ‘human’ doctor office, except that Fluffy the cat is there to greet you on the receptionist table. If the doctor isn’t able to attend to you right away look out the south side window and watch gargantuan rabbits nibble away at their veggies. If the bunnies don’t keep your attention while waiting for Dr. Dobson’s care, the other side of the waiting room greets you with a ferret, cockatiels and a few other exotic birds that make more noise than a Terrell Owens post-game interview.

Dobson feels that one of her greatest contributions to the community is the animal emergency services that she provides at another facility called Pet Urgent Care. In addition to all of her responsibilities at the Riverwoods Pet Hospital during regular business hours, Dobson, along with four other veterinarians in the area, take shifts providing care at the only 24 hour emergency facility in Utah County located at 428 W. 800 North in Orem.

“It is such a wonderful thing having 24-hour care in our own county. We no longer have to travel to Sandy for emergency treatment,” Dobson stated proudly.

Though her schedule is crammed and her day is often hectic from the moment she walks into the facility, Dr. Dobson really loves what she does.

“I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. When you see that child take home that puppy that survived parvo, it is very rewarding.”

For more information on Riverwoods Pet Hospital visit or call 224-2233. For more information on Pet Urgent Care call 765-1010.

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